The World in Her Eyes.

When this war will end and peace will begin?

When the leaders will be sincere and enemies will never dare?

When Sunnah will be followed & Iqbal’s vision will be implemented?

When this mob will turn into Quaid’s nation?

When the bomb will not take away many lives a day?

When will the people have sleep of comfort?

When every kid will go to school and parents would never fear?

When the people will not die of hunger?

When the poor will get justice on door?

When the basic rights will be awarded?

When the doors of happiness will be open?

When will the joys be louder than pain?

When the food prices will be cheaper than human life?

When the news will be positive and the people will become optimistic?

Why our people are getting insane?

Who will come to save our world?

Who will finish this pain?

Oh Allah! How much is still to wait?

I pray and hope with tearing eyes!

A day will come soon.

We will see, we all will see!

When the blood of martyrs will never go wasted.

and the only expensive thing will be life.

When the war will end and the peace will begin.

When the leaders will be sincere and freedom will be here!

Life still exists somehow somewhere between shattered dreams, dead hopes and misfortune to serendipity…


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