Controlling Fear through Mind

I still remember how my baby brother used to get awfully frightened of loud music and how a childhood friend of mine started fearing death after her grandmother died. She was only 5 back then and I remember how she thought that everyone was going to perish under the dust, if not today then tomorrow. This fear of death started to take over her entire life. She would refuse to join us on trips where , according to her, threat to her life was imminent. Now she is 20 ,all safe and sound ; but all these years she never really lived and and spent her days cowering in some dark corner of her room just because of her over thinking. The strange reality of life is that all life events are pre planned. What is meant to happen will happen for sure then why waste time on thinking and fearing? Having fears is a common thing but we should not let them take over.

Almost every other person has some fears : fear of interacting with new people , fear of change , fear of losing what you own, etc. Many people consider their fears insignificant while to others they can be nerve-wracking and can ruin their entire lives. When fears take this next rigorous form they turn into PHOBIAS. Having phobias DOES NOT mean that a person is crazy because guess what, you can control them if you want to! People who are exceptionally talented and have remarkable potential can lose all of their golden chances because of mere stage fright. They will avoid and neglect all the opportunities because of their fear but when they look back at what could’ve been,  they will only have heaps of regrets waiting for them. Similarly , if a person is afraid of the dark , he might start losing his sleep because of this fear and start depending on anti depressants and pills for some sound sleep. This will eventually affect his health.

I believe we become what we feed to our minds. We are first and foremost our own mentors but the important thing is what do we choose to teach ourselves.

If we choose to spend our time reading about immoral things, that is our teacher and we will be influenced by that. If we will focus on all the tragic and bitter realities , then they are our teacher.  We will become depressed and hopeless because we are  being programmed to be like this. We are easily influenced by what we see and read and hear.

Only those things affect us that are directly linked to our heart. We will remember a sad, funny or scary story better than a factual article. The media knows that and uses it well. Fear, in most cases, is what is used to control people but only few know that fear itself can be controlled.

Most of the fears are self created and are the results of overthinking. Why not think of the highest possibility of how it can effect you. We are all aware of the mini heart attacks we get when we fail to make it to the top ranking university . A lot of people quit their dream of going there and choose to live with the regrets for the rest of their life but the wise ones will overcome this fear of rejection by trying again . Worst case scenario: they  wont be able to make it again but they wouldn’t have any regrets. Atleast they tried ;  atleast they didn’t let their fear stop them from doing what they want to. Think deep of how this fear is  being an obstacle in your normal life. How happy you would be if you overcome this fear ? Close your eyes , take a deep breath , say goodbye to your fear and welcome the opportunities in your life with a warm smile.

The more you practice, the better you will get. The key to all this is not giving up. The only thing you can and you have to control is your mind (in order to achieve a fearless life) as all the other things are controlled by Almighty. I am not saying that you will be able to jump off from K2 or sleep with seven giant squids in your room but you will be able to stop all these stories going on in your head just by a positive attitude towards your life. Be the boss of your own thoughts and give everything in your life a chance. Can it really be painful? Well it might be , but it will be for all the right reasons.


Modernization Is Not a Failure

When in Rome, do as Romans do. Modernization has become a necessity for the survival of nations. We all know about the famous “Theory of Darwinism” that supports survival of the fittest. If a nation refuses to change itself according to the changing environment, then it is driving towards danger. Modernization of a nation requires change in the thinking and behavior as a whole. Refusing to change produces stagnation; like a puddle of water which neither flows forward nor backward; getting infested with time. For instance, let us talk about North Korea who refused to give up their old ways and denied modernization. Now they are cut off from the world and barely surviving each day with no freedom of speech , no freedom of information , no religious freedom and of course a forced leadership worship.


While the whole world, anthropologists and social scientists included, still debates over whether nations are better off without modernization, I personally believe any nation takes a big step forward when it embraces modernization. It opens the door of mechanization, technology, industrialization and social mobility. Previously, people used traditional ways, spinning cloths through spindles and using their old patterns of occupation. When industrialization of a country takes places, people give up their traditional rural and agricultural methods of economy. New factories and mills continue to grow daily using latest techniques.


Modern civilization is increasing productivity by replacing human labor with machines. In the past, even a king could not have the facility of air conditioner. Today, it is easily provided to a common man. Technology products like automobile and electronic media, provides us with so many facilities in much less time, which applies that people in modern civilization are living much better life than that of the past.


Another important feature of modernization is the extreme efforts made by the Government and the society to wipe out illiteracy and strenuous efforts are being made to bring innovation in the education sector. This education does not remain limited only to higher medical education, research and technology but also spreads to arts, science and commerce and crafts. When the best possible opportunities are offered to every person to attain higher education, people become enlightened about their rights. Economic development and equal distribution of wealth enables everybody to separate themselves from the pressing necessity of daily routine and give some time to political participation. As a result, every voter knows what decision is beneficial for their country.


Most of the people confuse modernization with westernization even though they are completely different. Westernization refers to forgetting and replacing nation’s original values with western culture. Modernization refers to the process of maturity and ripening of a nation’s culture with broader aspects, keeping in mind the global platform.

It is unfortunate that many people use modern methods of communication especially social media to propagate their criticism on modernization. Some even use foul language on social media to attack modern civilization. Basically, they are contradicting themselves. They use the most modern tool to attack the basic elements of modernity. Why do they use these facilities if they are so against them?

The world has changed; modern ideas and new methods of education define our relationship with others. Do we, by acquiring these values, go against our religion? The answer is an emphatic No! Modernization does not suggest that the people may discard all their traditional values or cultural and political heritage. For example, the British are traditionally conservative but still they have retained their old institutions like kingship and House of Lords. Though their powers have been sufficiently curtailed, yet they have made useful institutions which could serve the growing needs of the society. Therefore the British are considered as one of the most modern but successful nations. Similar is the case with the Japanese, the French and the Germans.

The essence of modernization is to mold your history, background, values and culture in a way that on one hand, these values get preserved but on the other hand, the nation embarks journey beneficial to them. If the roots are forgotten, nation would definitely topple and a hasty and desperate need to be a part of the rapidly developing world would just leave it hollow and pitiful.

To modernize is to take everything, the good with the bad, and not to modernize is to play no part in the life of contemporary humanity. If modernization is causing problems, it is because of what meaning we give it. It is similar to any other social phenomena as it has its own side effects. Modernization is a parameter of our development and achievement. It makes our life easy and luxurious if we use it the right way. Every coin has two sides; while some people only look at the negative aspects of this phenomenon, they completely overlook many great things this process gives birth to. It is up to us where we would like to focus.

The World in Her Eyes.

When this war will end and peace will begin?

When the leaders will be sincere and enemies will never dare?

When Sunnah will be followed & Iqbal’s vision will be implemented?

When this mob will turn into Quaid’s nation?

When the bomb will not take away many lives a day?

When will the people have sleep of comfort?

When every kid will go to school and parents would never fear?

When the people will not die of hunger?

When the poor will get justice on door?

When the basic rights will be awarded?

When the doors of happiness will be open?

When will the joys be louder than pain?

When the food prices will be cheaper than human life?

When the news will be positive and the people will become optimistic?

Why our people are getting insane?

Who will come to save our world?

Who will finish this pain?

Oh Allah! How much is still to wait?

I pray and hope with tearing eyes!

A day will come soon.

We will see, we all will see!

When the blood of martyrs will never go wasted.

and the only expensive thing will be life.

When the war will end and the peace will begin.

When the leaders will be sincere and freedom will be here!

Life still exists somehow somewhere between shattered dreams, dead hopes and misfortune to serendipity…

Struggle through tears…

Life is never easy for a dreamer! When you have unlimited dreams to fulfill, despite of numerous challenges you continue to work hard and let your inner self knows that you can do. You are capable of dreaming and achieving big. You can reach where ever you want, you can get whatever you want. Just never ever settle for something less than what you deserve. Not every dream is meant to shatter and disappoints you. You need to stand up for yourself, for your dreams, for your passions. Well, the art of losing isn’t hard to master, But WAIT!! why to loose when you are blessed enough to grasp everything. You need to fly, fly away with your dreams. You need your wing to take over your life of dreams. You need Self-motivation that brings you success. In fact, you deserve best out of every, everything!!